Important If Certified After Sept. 1, 2015



Additional Requirements for Teachers Certified After September 1, 2015

Region of Basic Teacher Training All Ontario  Canada with Labour Mobility USA and International All Teachers
QECO Requirements A complete official B.Ed. transcript is now required (not previously required in all cases)


a copy of the original licence to teach obtained in another Canadian Province


Copies of all correspondence received from the Ontario College of Teachers regarding conditions, extension, etc.

·       Copy of the initial Certificate of Qualification and Registration issued by Ontario College of Teachers

In all cases official transcripts for all coursework required to either receive the initial Certificate of Qualification and/or to fulfil any of the conditions noted on this certificate such as:

·       A.B.Q. course(s)

·       Additional practicum

·       Complementary course(s) (i.e. Schedule C courses)

NEW – Professional Year Applications

Professional year students who have graduated from an Ontario public teacher education institution may apply to QECO/COEQ only after being certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. To determine if you are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, check the OCT Public Register.


When applying to QECO for the first time, the application requires information that you will need to specially provide or you will be locked out.
For the School Board: Select “Not Applicable”
For School: enter “Supply”
For Membership:
– Select the affiliate you would most likely join, and
– Select “Perm/Supply/Occasional”

Newly certified teachers who have graduated from Ontario public teacher education institutions applying to QECO/COEQ for the first time will be exempt from requiring affiliate membership for 4-months after first certification.  Following the 4-month exemption, teachers will be required to hold teacher affiliate membership, like all other teachers, in order to obtain further QECO/COEQ services.

View the following presentation for more information about QECO services to Ontario Teacher Candidates.

Affiliate and OCT Proof

All applicants to QECO (other than eligible teacher education students) must be teacher members of AEFO, ETFO or OECTA and hold current certification with the Ontario College of Teachers before obtaining QECO services.

When submitting an application, AEFO, ETFO and OECTA teachers no longer need to provide:

  1. Proof of employment and membership with either AEFO, ETFO or OECTA.
  2. A copy of their OCT Certificate of Qualification and Registration.

If membership or certification is in doubt and/or if further documentation is required, QECO may request that a teacher provides it.

Teachers whose condition of employment does not include membership in one of the three sponsoring affiliates (Private/Provincial School teachers, etc.) must provide proof of voluntary/associate affiliate membership.

Use of AQs and ABQs

Under Program 5:

When a chart item refers to Additional Qualification requirements, it is understood to mean OCT accredited Additional Qualifications and Additional Basic Qualifications.

When a chart item refers to Additional Basic Qualifications, it is understood to only mean one of the four Additional Basic Qualifications as accredited by the OCT.

CAAT Program Conditions

Two and three year CAAT programs may only be eligible for degree-credit equivalence if they are completed “in their entirety from Ontario colleges of applied arts and technology.”  A complete  “shortened diploma program” with content requirements reduced due to admission based on possession of a pre-existing qualification (such as a completed university degree) is ineligible for degree-credit equivalence at QECO.

In addition, any CAAT program from which transfer credit was used to fulfil a university degree is not considered a complete qualification for QECO evaluation purposes.

Graduate Degree Proof

The only acceptable documentation for proof of completion of a graduate degree for QECO purposes is an official transcript indicating conferral of the degree.  Please note that for QECO evaluation purposes entry of a graduate degree on the Ontario College of Teachers Certificate of Qualifications and Registration is NOT acceptable proof.