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Instructions for obtaining a QECO evaluation can be found at: Applications Procedures. Please review that information to find answers to most basic application questions.

Membership in a participating Ontario Teachers’ Federation Affiliate as a certified teacher is a requirement for evaluation by QECO.  Non-teacher members of an affiliate do not require a QECO evaluation.

QECO will respond here to queries of a general nature only, such as:

  • assistance with the application process and other general queries,
  • request for duplicate documents,
  • changes in address, name, and other personal information
  • general assistance understanding upgrading requirement.

A formal application must be submitted to obtain a response for:

  • what is required to move to the next category,
  • whether the courses recently taken will result in a category change
  • unique course approval and course recognition,
  • alternative upgrading routes.
  • request for a category change, or any other queries of a specific nature.

Requests for Duplicate Documents:

To request duplicate documents (statements of evaluation,  student letters of evaluation, upgrading letters, missing document letters and any other past correspondence), you must provide your:

  • full formal name,
  • OCT number and,
  • CURRENT mailing address.

QECO endeavours to provide a response within 2 business days.

Note:  If possible, provide a personal email address when corresponding with QECO since security settings on school board email will sometimes reject QECO responses.

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