Affiliate Membership

Membership in a participating Ontario Teachers’ Federation Affiliate is a requirement for evaluation by QECO.

Membership in one of the four Affiliates of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation is automatic when a teacher is employed to teach with a Public, Catholic or French School Board in Ontario.  The Board will deduct from the teacher’s salary the appropriate federation fee and submit that fee to the Affiliate.  Members of the three Affiliates listed below are eligible for a QECO evaluation.

Voluntary/Associate membership in an Affiliate may be obtained by written application to one of the Affiliates.  The addresses of the Affiliates for this purpose are:

AEFO                                  ETFO                                     OECTA
290 Dupuis St., 4th Floor,            136 Isabella St.                         65 St. Clair Ave. E., 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario                       Toronto, Ontario                         Toronto, Ontario
K1L 1B5                               M4Y 1P6                                  M4T 2Y8
aefo only                  ETFO_logo                  OECTA

A student in a teacher certification program may use the services once they have been certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and their certificate is visible on the OCT Public Register.

A member of one of the three Affiliates who is now retired on a pension is also eligible to receive a Statement of Evaluation, upon application, should the need arise.