math teachRegulations are the fundamental principles by which a QECO evaluation is conducted.  A QECO evaluation may not deviate from the application of the regulations.

1.         A QECO/COEQ Evaluation may only be issued to Ontario certified teachers who are members of one of the sponsoring affiliates; to retired teachers who were previously members of one of the sponsoring affiliates; or to student teachers in their certification year of an Ontario publicly funded teacher education program.

2.         QECO/COEQ evaluates teacher academic qualifications exclusive of Ontario professional teacher certification requirements.

3.         QECO/COEQ will not evaluate the qualifications of those whose authority to teach is a Letter of Permission.

4.         No qualification may receive duplicate recognition.

5.         QECO/COEQ shall give an official decision on the acceptability of any course submitted for higher category placement.

6.         All degrees listed are used in the QECO/COEQ Evaluation unless otherwise indicated.

7.         All qualifications obtained outside Ontario shall be evaluated equitably based on current QECO/COEQ evaluation standards.

8.         Minimum requirements for any category must be fully attained before that category will be assigned.

9.         QECO/COEQ Evaluation Program 5 is the only operative Evaluation Program.

10.       Any teacher applying for a QECO/COEQ Evaluation shall have:

a.         Any category previously assigned under a different

QECO/COEQ program maintained until requirements for higher categories are satisfied.

b.         All valid QECO/COEQ letters under previous policies and/or programs stating upgrading requirements honoured.

c.         Present QECO/COEQ university course definitions apply to all current and previous letters.

11.       It is the responsibility of the individual teacher to apply for an evaluation or for any change in evaluation after additional qualifications have been attained or on a recommended yearly basis if not yet in Category A4.  All application forms are available on the QECO/COEQ website

12.       QECO/COEQ will not be responsible for informing individual teachers of any changes in Ontario College of Teachers’ policies or other domestic or international institutional policies, which may impact the operation of this evaluation program, or the qualifications of individual teachers.