University Course Definition

University Course Definition

 A university course is a course of study that is normally recognized for credit towards the granting of an approved degree.  For QECO/COEQ purposes, two half-courses, six semester credit or nine quarter credits will constitute one full course.  One half-course equals three semester credits or 4.5 quarter credits.

Note that individual universities offer courses and indicate their weight or credit value in a variety of ways.  Information regarding the credit system and course weights can usually be found on the back of an official university transcript.

Additional Qualifications courses approved by the Ontario College of Teachers, except when granted by equivalency, are considered “university degree-credit courses” when they appear on the applicant’s Certificate of Qualification and Registration.   QECO/COEQ will assign a grade of B unless officially indicated otherwise by the course provider

Each course that leads to an entry on the Certificate of Qualification and Registration from the Ontario College of Teachers will be used by QECO/COEQ as either one Additional Qualification course or as a maximum of one full university course, but not both.

University practicum courses credited on a university transcript towards a degree (other than the basic teacher training program used for certification purposes) will be accepted at transcript value for evaluation purposes.

Additional university courses used for upgrading may not duplicate the course content of university studies previously completed.   In addition, if QECO/COEQ has advised you that for category upgrading purposes, a degree-credit course is required in a specific subject from a faculty of arts or science and with a specific grade, you may not substitute courses from a faculty of education or from other faculties to fulfill your requirements.

Please ensure that you follow your personalized upgrading requirements as specifically stated in the letter from QECO.