Internationally Educated Teachers/Professional Year Students

NOTE:  QECO does not recognize evaluations from other credentials evaluation agencies (i.e. WES, ICAS, ECE etc.).  QECO, in its role as the only credential evaluator for teacher salary purposes, provides an entirely different evaluation service based solely on Program 5, its regulations, charts and definitions.  

Complete the “Summary of Educational Experiences by Years” which follows the application if you are completing an “Initial Application”.

Enclose official documentation, in the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE, for:

  1. the diploma obtained at the end of the secondary school (often called ‘middle school) cycle
  2. the diplomas/scrolls for all programs of studies completed at the post secondary level and the transcripts for EACH YEAR of studies completed
  3. the official transcripts will have to indicate each course completed towards the post secondary diplomas(s) obtained and, for each course, the hours completed or credits obtained and the mark obtained – please click on this link for further information regarding transcripts (this will clarify the term – archival certificate, mark sheet etc. depending on the country)
  4. information on the marking scheme used in the institution attended if not indicated on the transcripts
  5. an official translation for all documentation in a language other than French or English must accompany all the above documentation.

Translation Policy

Original translations will only be accepted from:

  • the consulate, high commission or embassy to Canada of the country which issued the documents
  • a Canadian embassy, consulate, high commission in the country from which you emigrated
  • a translator accredited by a professional association of translators in Canada. To obtain the name of an accredited translator, contact the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) at 1-800-234-5030 or 613-241-2846
  • a translator who has received accreditation through a federal, provincial or municipal government in Canada

All acceptable translations must be accompanied by a statement indicating:

  • that the translation is accurate and authentic
  • that the translator belongs to one of the categories listed above (identification number and/or seal, name, address and telephone number required)
  • printed name and signature of the translator.

Each document issued by a consulate to Canada should bear the official seal of the institution and the signature of the authorized agent.

Visiting the QECO Office

Teachers and professional year students who received formal education outside of Canada and the United States are invited to visit the QECO office to submit their applications and to have their original documents verified if they do not wish to part with their originals. If you are visiting the QECO office in person and were educated outside of Canada or the United States, please provide:

  • All the original documents and translations as instructed above
  • Photocopies of all those documents and translations (if you wish to keep the originals)
  • A completed and signed application form (including the completed Summary of Educational Experience form)

Visiting the office prepared with photocopies and a completed application form will reduce your wait time and will help us serve you more efficiently.