confident-teacherQECO was founded in 1969 by OECTA, ETFO (FWTAO & OPSTF at the time) and AEFO to provide, and to objectively administer, the evaluation of teacher qualifications for salary purposes. The first Statements of Evaluation were issued in 1971. Under Program 5, QECO provides a consistent plan for teacher salary recognition when specific academic and professional requirements are achieved.

The QECO program of evaluation for salary purposes is unique since it is negotiated by teachers and their boards for inclusion in local collective agreements. Teachers are evaluated and given a Statement of Evaluation which is then accepted by their board for salary category placement purposes. The salaries teachers are paid is a matter which is negotiated between teacher bargaining units and their board.

Members are reminded that it is their responsibility to keep QECO apprised of any additions to their qualifications. They must do this by formally completing a QECO application. Members are also reminded to apply regularly for upgrading advice that will assist them toward the most expedient route to reach their next QECO salary category.