Category Change/Information Request

This form is for teachers who have already received a QECO/COEQ Statement or Student Letter of Evaluation and require further services (i.e. a review, change in category or possible routes to advance to the next category).
To be eligible for QECO/COEQ services you must:

  • hold a valid Certificate of Qualification and Registration from the Ontario College of Teachers.
  • be employed by any of the publicly funded school boards in Ontario except the English public school secondary panel (OSSTF members).
  • have completed all courses you are claiming on your application form.
  • identify any courses/studies/degrees in progress.

It is our mission at QECO/COEQ to provide you with the highest category placement possible while strictly maintaining the integrity of Program 5. To do this, QECO/COEQ evaluators require all relevant information to review your file. It is an applicant’s responsibility to provide all the necessary information and documentation as requested by QECO/COEQ (see checklist for details).

Documents Required with this Application

  • Acceptable proof for all new studies completed (i.e. degrees, diplomas, extra courses etc.), since your last evaluation. Acceptable proof is usually original transcripts (for university/college courses and programs), and visible entry on your Certificate of Qualification and Registration (for most AQ and ABQ courses).

Membership as a teacher with AEFO, ETFO or OECTA is a requirement:

  • Teachers whose membership is unclear (new hire or leave of absence, etc.) may be requested to provide proof of affiliate membership.
  • Retired teachers may be asked to provide proof of retirement.
  • Teachers whose condition of employment does not include membership in one of the sponsoring affiliates like Private/Provincial School teachers) must provide proof of voluntary/associate membership with one of the three teacher affiliates.