Professional Year Students

Professional year students who completed their teacher education at an Ontario public institution may apply to QECO/COEQ only after being certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. To determine if you are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, check the OCT Public Register.


When applying to QECO for the first time, the application requires information that you will need to specially provide or you will be locked out.
For the School Board: Select “Not Applicable”  For School, enter “Supply”.

For Membership:
– Select the affiliate you would most likely join, and
– Select “Perm/Supply/Occasional”

Newly certified teachers from Ontario public teacher education institutions applying to QECO/COEQ for the first time will be exempt from requiring affiliate membership for 4-months after first certification.  Following the 4-month exemption, teachers will be required to hold teacher affiliate membership, like all other teachers, in order to obtain further QECO/COEQ services.

View the following presentation for more information about QECO services to Ontario Teacher Candidates.