Role of the Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario

Teacher-Teaching-August-12-CroppedThe role of the QECO is two-fold:

  1. To evaluate qualifications of applicants in accordance with the Evaluation Program;
  2. To provide category upgrading information to applicants.

The Evaluation Program
The Evaluation Program consists of the Regulations and prefatory material governing the administration of teacher category placement based on recognized standards of achievement.  It provides applicants with a systematic and consistent method for improving qualifications.  The Program is designed to provide a high level of credibility with the Affiliate membership and with external educational agencies.

Incorporated within this Evaluation Program are two Charts which reflect the various areas and levels of specialization in teacher qualifications.  These Charts are used to evaluate the qualifications of applicants in General Studies and in Technological Studies.  The Evaluation Program is the sole criteria used in the evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications.  Each Chart is divided into categories recognizing various levels of specialization and/or teacher training from the basic Category through to the most advanced Category A4.

The QECO website is  Application forms are available on this site.  This Program, in its entirety, plus other helpful information, including upgrading information is also available.