Affiliates Committee
The Affiliates Committee is the corporate board of directors QECO/COEQ and it is composed of two representatives from each of the three member Affiliates (AEFO, ETFO and OECTA) as well as the QECO/COEQ Executive Director. This governing body is responsible for the evaluation program and all aspects of QECO/COEQ operations.

Affiliates Committee 2016-2017:

Sam Hammond – QECO/COEQ Chair/President and ETFO President

Ann Hawkins – QECO/COEQ Secretary and OECTA President

Carol Jolin QECO/COEQ Director and AEFO President

Pierre Léonard – QECO/COEQ Director and AEFO General Secretary

Sharon O’Halloran – QECO/COEQ Director and ETFO General Secretary

Marshall Jarvis – QECO/COEQ Director and OECTA General Secretary

Ken Collins – QECO/COEQ Executive Director