Resources to Assist Affiliate Leaders

Your members who are still in the process of moving through the salary grid need to be kept informed of their QECO opportunities and requirements. Local or unit and school leaders can help by reminding them to apply to QECO every year if they are not already in Category A4.  Changes in regulations, legislation and at academic institutions could create advantages from which those teachers might profit.  Plus, application to QECO is easy and can only be of benefit and will never disadvantage a teacher.

Located here are resources to assist you with newsletter items, meeting topics and to encourage discussion with members.

Use the materials at your discretion.  The QECO “Notes to Share” has been left as an MSWord document so you can incorporate it or pieces of it into local documents as required.

“Apply Yearly” Poster – All Category A1 to Category A3 teachers should know.

QECO Notes to Share – Useful for newsletters, general meetings and NTIP meetings. (In .doc format to be used for custom documents.)

General Presentation (.ppt) – Can be information and discussion piece for Local/Unit executive or Steward meetings.  (In .ppt format and may be edited for custom presentation)

Program 5 – The entire evaluation program approved by all three of the sponsoring affiliates (AEFO. ETFO and OECTA).