General Information

iStock_000016533242XSmallThe QECO evaluation process is recognized by all school boards in the province. Board deadlines and practices with regard to QECO evaluations are determined by negotiation between teachers and their employers and will not affect the integrity or the speed of the evaluation.

Teachers must be aware of their board’s policy around QECO deadlines. The onus is on the teacher to ensure he or she meets those deadlines.  Turnaround time for an evaluation can vary from as short as one week to as long as is required until all necessary documentation is provided by the teacher.

Bear in mind that QECO operates on a first-come-first-serve basis and that the volume of applications influences the time required for an application to be processed. Also be aware that applications made without the required courses being completed, or without the appropriate supporting documents being submitted may result in lengthy delays or the application being returned.

Written enquires may be submitted to:

Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario
1300 Yonge Street, Suite 308, Toronto ON M4T 1X3
Phone Number: 416-323-1969
Toll Free (Ontario): 1-800-385-1030