Appeal Process

Be aware that it is the goal of all QECO evaluators to provide teachers with the highest possible category based upon the documented proof of the credentials that they have provided. 

Before an Appeal will be accepted, a teacher is first required to:

  • contact the evaluator who conducted the evaluation to explain the evaluation.  
  • identify and provide evidence that there was a clear error in the application of the Evaluation Program 5; or,
  • provide evidence that the documentation provided by the teacher to QECO at the time of the application was either missed or not used consistent with Program 5. 
  • seek advice about the conflict with the provincial affiliate (AEFO, ETFO, OECTA) staff representative responsible for QECO/COEQ affairs.

The Appeal Protocol is only available to teachers who are currently members of one of the three affiliates. 

A Member wishing to utilize this Appeal Protocol may have the Appeal conducted in either English or French.

There shall be no appeal process within the structure of QECO/COEQ other than the one outlined below.

I. Request for Review by the Executive Director (STEP 1)

  • A teacher may submit a written request for a review of an evaluation with which the teacher is not satisfied.
  • The request must be made in writing within 60 days of the teacher’s category placement.
  • The request for a review must include a letter providing a detailed reference to the relevant section or sections of the current evaluation Program (copies of which may be obtained from the QECO/COEQ website) that the teacher believes would have an impact on the category.
  • The Review shall be conducted by the Executive Director.
  • The teacher may not move to Step 2 of the Appeal Protocol until the Review by the Executive Director is complete.
  • The Executive Director will provide a decision in writing to the teacher by guaranteed delivery.

II. Appeal of the Executive Director’s Review (STEP 2)

  • A teacher may make a written request for an appeal of the decision of the Executive Director to the Affiliates Committee within 30 days of having received the decision.
  • A teacher requesting an appeal shall be provided with a staff report outlining the reasons for the placement and the Appeal Protocol.
  • In making the request for an appeal of the decision of the Executive Director the teacher shall:
    1. Refer to the relevant section or sections of the Current Evaluation Program upon which the appeal is based. (The current program may be viewed on and printed from the QECO/COEQ website.)
    2. Outline the justification of the request.
    3. Provide, or cause to be provided, any additional relevant documentation to support the appeal.
  • The Affiliates Committee shall consider the documentation provided by the teacher and the staff report.
  • The Chair of the Affiliates Committee may participate in the debate and shall vote on the appeal.
  • The Chair of the Affiliates Committee shall advise the teacher in writing by guaranteed delivery of the following:
    1. The decision of the Affiliates Committee and
    2. The reason or reasons upon which the decision of the Committee was based.
  • The appeal process will be conducted entirely in writing.
  • The Executive Director shall administer the appeal process.