Important If Certified After Sept. 1, 2015



Additional Requirements for Teachers Certified After September 1, 2015

Region of Basic Teacher Training All Ontario  Canada with Labour Mobility USA and International All Teachers
QECO Requirements A complete official B.Ed. transcript is now required (not previously required in all cases)


a copy of the original licence to teach obtained in another Canadian Province


Copies of all correspondence received from the Ontario College of Teachers regarding conditions, extension, etc.

·       Copy of the initial Certificate of Qualification and Registration issued by Ontario College of Teachers

In all cases official transcripts for all coursework required to either receive the initial Certificate of Qualification and/or to fulfil any of the conditions noted on this certificate such as:

·       A.B.Q. course(s)

·       Additional practicum

·       Complementary course(s) (i.e. Schedule C courses)